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Useless post is useless. Except pottermore

I feel like the last person to be let in to pottermore. It's pretty niftty, although clearly the server is crazy overloaded as I get the "maintenance" screen more often than not. I know people have posted their usernames, but a quick search backwards to find them took way to long. So, if you're in and want to be friends, I'm hollymoon51. I've yet to get passed chapter 4, but suspect I'll get to the sorting eventually...if the site stops sucking. Let me know if you add me, and please do! I have zero friends right now. Wamp wahhhh. <3 all

I think that, perhaps, the most depressing point in my career has just occurred. I think I know more about a subject than the current presenter at a training. And I'm honestly mqnot being egocentric. Le sigh.

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Okay, so. Here's a fic. For annearchy .  

Title: Foot in mouth
Rating: PG-13 for language 
Pairing: Ron/Eloise Midgen 
Summary: Ron realizes that people can grow into their noses.  
Warnings:  Fluff and a bit cliche.  You've been warned. 
Prompt: Crooked Nose. 

Next Time

Silly/sad little one-shot I started awhile ago, and finished under the guise of inspiration from the Granger Enchanted Cliche challenge- my self created cliche- Harry loves Hermione.

Title: Next Time
Author: sugarquill39
Words: 904
Rating: R for Language (but nothing else)
Warnings: Spoilers for all books
Summary: Next time, maybe things would be different.

Notes: First posted fic, not beta'd. 



the last 4 entries I have posted started with the word "so". I think I need to clean out my lj lexicon.

Looking for a beta?

So I've decided to take the plunge. Pull the cord. Open the can. You get the idea- I'm giving it a shot.

As of today, if you need a beta, I'm your gal! I don't know what people usually offer in regards to turn around time, but I figure I can do the following:

5 pages (single spaced) 24 hours
15 pages 48 hours
30 pages 72 hours
30 pages and up- 4 days min.

I have a feeling it would be much faster than that, but I want to make sure I don't make promises I can't keep. Not to mention I want to provide quality! I am a full time teacher, so there are some times that are busier than others. I will be visiting family from December 21st- 30th, so I will be unavailable during that time. In general, if I feel I cannot complete a task in a timely fashion I will let you know ahead of time. I really would like to write fan fiction, but I just don't have the patience to finish anything. I have started several stories, but I get so bored after a few pages.

Basically I can do whatever you like- editing is a strength of mine (for language and usage, style, fluency) or I can offer you plot ideas and suggestions if you like. Reply to this if you are interested.

Let the adventure begin!
As I am still so new to this I don't really understand the term "beta" but I assume it means grammar nazi proof reader. If you need one, I can provide assistance. That is all.

Oh and I get fall break starting tomorrow at 3:00! yay!